Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Four: It all comes together

Today was another huge day: Chest Trauma by Monica with clips from Three Kings (with George Clooney), Abdominal Trauma and Drug Dosing by Jaime (tough lectures to give and well done), Head, Neck, and Spine by Aaron, Nutrition for the Trauma Patient by Meredith, and Multiple Patient Incidents/Disasters by Frank. Loren and Jess did Ortho: Fractures and Dislocations with innovative models. Everyone helped out with Trauma megacodes.
Tomorrow is our last day: surgical lab and splinting with plaster, use of Ketamine and Lidocaine, a post test and then a final ceremony.
Seth has been a huge help as chief blogger, photographer, model maker, patient, and team international human rights attorney.
The medics are doing great and are highly motivated. They are quite engaged in the training and improving their skills with each passing day.

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