Monday, January 16, 2012

Day One -- Afternoon/Evening

As more medics arrived in the afternoon the trauma team leaders gave field reports on trauma cases over the past year in their respective regions.

By the evening session the complete group of over 30 medics had arrived and the remaining groups gave field reports on their regions. Based on this initial data the teams treated 106 trauma patients, 31 of those experienced landmine injuries and 31 had gun shot wounds. Other common injury types included accidents involving falling trees and animal bites.

As the medics gave their reports they also shared difficulties they faced while providing care. One medic asked for help treating a patient with phantom limb pain after recovering from an amputation. Another medic discussed mental health issues for patients surviving amputation as well as for medics working with trauma patients. Another medic talked about a patient of his that died after a severe landmine injury to both legs in which the medics were unable to move him due to intense conflict in the region.

These reports gave us a sense of what the medics are dealing with on a daily basis and will also help us tailor our training to better meet their needs.

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