Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 2 -- Evening

After a succesful day of teaching trauma assessment in simulation codes, we returned after dinner for advanced surgical cricothyrotomy training. In true international medicine fashion, we constructed trachea "Cric" models out airway tubing, gloves, toilet paper, and tape. Each medic was able to successfully perform a Surgical Cric airway on these home made models.

Some interesting facts about our heroic medics:- longest trip for a medic to get to the training was 5 days including walking miles over mountainous terrain, a boat, and finally a car ride. (And I thought my 24 hours of travel on a cramped economy flight was rough ;-.) In 2011, the 19 medic teams treated 106 major trauma victims with 8 amputations and 17 fasciotomies. Over 31 medics have made it to this year's trauma training with 14 of those being first timers.

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